Hip Hop Haven Exhibition

Environmental and Exhibition Design

My Senior Downtown Design Studio collaboratively designed and curated an
exhibition for Hip Hop Haven, a non-profit in Downtown Raleigh that seeks to use
hip hop culture as a positive influence for at–risk youth.

Our exhibition was called "Say It Like This" and exhibited the hip hop focused work
we created over the course of the previous weeks. The center of the room showcased
photographs the kids at HHH had taken during a photography class given by some of
my fellow classmates.

For the exhibition I focused on exploring the possibilities found in using new tools.
I laser cut plexiglass and cardboard that I then spray painted and hung for a window
display. I also laser cut the famous lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight' out of cardboard and,
with the help of Shannon Marklin, installed them on the stairs leading to the exhibition
space above. Finally, I created a digital invite for the event from a photograph of some
of plexiglass pieces.

Read more about the experience on the AIGA website!


Intro wall designed by Jamie Wolfe Plexiglass window display Photography Exhibition (photos Photography Exhibition & HHH Space Design by Amber Majors Hip Hop Timeline by Meghan Witzke & Tapedeck Installation by Dan Marino Digital save the date I designed